Friday, October 19, 2007

Perry endorse Giuliani

The endorsement made by Governor Rick Perry to the former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, came as a surprise to the people of Texas. Considering the state being a strong conservative republican when it comes to politics I couldn’t figure out why he made that decision.

In the previous years Perry has been a strong supporter of the conservative Republican Party, so why would he sell out to a more liberal candidate? Well my thinking is that he would like t run alongside with Giuliani in the coming presidential race in 2008. The coming thirteen months would be the ground for the candidates to gain the support of the voters from every corner.

The plan Giuliani has devised might just work for the coming election, Perry being the great governor who came out to be a hero in the Katharina catastrophe opening his doors to the neighboring states combined with Giuliani’s strong presence at the 9/11 tragedy to unite America. This sounds so superb to the ears to have two men who have been known for the great presence they had during a time of distress that affected many lives.

In the political arena Giuliani a liberal republican can gather supporters in his area while Perry is drawing in the conservative population. Regardless of how sweet this combo sounds it is surely going to be a hard road that lay ahead. The challenges lay before these candidates to overcome before the voting days for the presidential election come close. Texas is a big state and it would be a while before it goes for the Democratic Party….so Giuliani/Perry combo might just make it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Texas Youth Commission

The juveniles in Texas Youth Commission custody had been the center of controversial issues that stirred the state of Texas law makers for the past few months. The legislative investigators that have been working to end the physical abuse of imprisoned youths have faced resistance from the TYC employees. Even though the public along side the lawmakers are determined to get to the bottom of what went wrong at the TYC the head office failed to do its duty.

What does it take to change the laws that oversee these facilities; these are young men and women who are underage to be charged as an adult. These centers are supposed to be a youth center, a place where they could develop in to adulthood and carry responsibilities for their actions and mold their futures. For most this would be a turning point between making the right choice for their future. They could leave their trouble times behind and move to new and better things to educate and widen their opportunities for their future.

It was not long ago we heard the physical abuse in the centers isn’t that enough? How long do we need to over look these matters if it is taking place at one center isn’t that the TYC office job to expand its investigations on to the other facilities to find out these allegations.

I think we all have heard enough of these incidents taking place it is time to take some action to a better future for Texas youth.