Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Intake on Desiree's Stage 7

I agree with my collogue Desiree on her intake on Higher Education in Central Texas regarding the article “Higher Education” that was featured on Austin American’s Statesman. Yes Texas students and parents are in the need to understand how the higher education system works. From financial aid to the degree requirements we lack on the basic information. Many students apply to colleges and get acceptance, the next step shouldn’t be figuring out how to pay for it, but rather getting ready to start a life time experience. Exploring the adventures of education and research should be the greater part of the student’s main concern, rather than having to learn to file a FAFSA or apply for a loan. All these things could be accomplished by having to teach the materials to students who are planning to attend colleges early on, especially during their high school years when they are exploring colleges and universities.

The large sum of money that is given to the University of Texas may become an eye opening experience for many students and parents, by having to meat with the school officials they will have an aspect on how to afford higher education. There are very many opportunities for the minority students to pay for college but the only way to receive and use these scholarships and need based supports is to know the ways around the paper work.

I see this method of educating the young will succeed to minimize the first year dropout rate, and also increase the number of students who will be graduating on time. I believe higher education is becoming more accessible to Texas, knowing the system is everything to becoming a successful student at colleges. I would like to thank Desiree for bringing this issue to our attention; I believe this will be money well spent.

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